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Legislation: identification and registration of camelids

Since 2016, and the publication of d decree n ° 2016-119 of February 5, 2016 relating to the identification of camelids, each animal must be identified by transponder or ear loops and recorded on the e-SIRECam file.

How do I identify my camelid?


The transponder (chip) can only be purchased and fitted by a veterinarian. The placement is usually done at the base of the left ear.

The 15-digit transponder number consists of the 3-digit manufacturer code starting with 9, and a unique 12-digit national identification code.


The ear loops can be fitted directly by the breeder. The ear tag to be used is the approved tag for small ruminants (sheep and goats). This consists of two ear cues, one of which is electronic: the conventional ear cue is placed at the animal's right ear and the electronic ear cue is placed at the animal's left ear.

How do I register my camelid?

The e-SIRECam is an online register managed by the IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et l'Equitation).

Any holder and / or owner of small camelid must create an account, and declare therein the small camelids that he owns or that he has in detention.

The creation of an account as well as the transfers of animals already registered (purchase / sale) are free. Only the initial registration of animals is chargeable (15 € per animal).

An e-SIRECam identification number is assigned to each registered animal, starting with both last digits of his year of birth, then the 5 digits of his serial number in records for that year of birth.

Go to www. Click on the button "Create a holder / owner / veterinarian" and follow the instructions.

Initial registration of a camelid

It must be done by the breeder of the animal (within 12 months of birth or before departure from breeding).
If you have an unregistered small camelid, regardless of its age , you must take the step of registering it yourself (and have it chipped by your veterinarian first if it has never been).

Professional breeders can now register their camels on the e-SIRECam, but for an individual or an amateur breeder the initial registration of an animal identified by transponder can only be done by a veterinarian. If the animal is identified by ear tags, you can register it yourself.

Liens : Legifrance et e-SIRECam